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Post#1 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:58 pm

I came across a new manga that is just plain awesome. It's called BIOMEGA. The creator/writer/artist is Tsutomu Nihei.

I first became aware of his work when I picked up his manga Noise.

He has a very organic style, very atypical of the perfect, clean lines used by his contemporaries. And, while he is very stylistic, his proprtions, and anatomies are very accurate.

He is conservative with dialogue but not so/much so that the reader misses out on much. His action sequences are fantastic, while he doesn't spoon feed you every frame, he does give you enough to bolster your inagination while filling in the blanks.

Simply put, the manga is both a work of art, and a story any hollywood producer with some hipness could turn into a surrealistic blockbuster.

There are only two books out right now. I would rfecommend getting them both and the other manga, Noise, while you aRe at it. It would be nice to have someone to commiserate with while I wait for book 3 ;)[/img]

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