The Best Football Pool (suicide)

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The Best Football Pool (suicide)

Post#1 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:48 am

Chad and I have split a team the last few years and last year we were still in the money going into week 13 or so. I have friends who've actually won as much as $30K before.

Last year the total pot was $70K. If you have any questions about how you get paid out or anything, let me know. The more the merrier. It's pricey, so split a team with one or two other people if you want, no big deal.

See below-------

You have been invited to a league has invited you to join the Al Kenney's 2014 NFL Pool NFL Elimination League on

Click here to join

Once you click the link just simply login to BenchSports and accept the invite.

As well as following the link you can sign up by following these steps.
Returning User: Log on to
New User: Register a new login and password
Once logged in click on the "Join Existing League" link
Enter 2589 for the league id
and showmethemoney for the password
Create your team name (alias)
Message From (
Hi all, Here is your invite for this years NFL football pool. Payout depends on the number of players who enter. Last year it was $70,000. Our goal is $100,000. Besides the $5 per player that go to Benchsports,
100% of the entry fees collected get paid out to the players. The rules are the same as last year and are on the website.

They are:
1. The object of the pool is to pick one NFL team each week to win their game (no point spreads until the AFC/NFC championship game & super bowl). Just pick one team to win each week, that’s all. You can pick the same team for as many weeks in a row as you like. The pool continues each week of the NFL season and through the playoffs and Super bowl if necessary. The object of the pool is not to lose games (all ties lose), or if you do lose, just be one of the last to lose within the bracket you are in. The last player(s) to lose in the bracket split the money in that bracket pot.

2. People who win their games each week advance to the following week and remain in the same bracket (no loss, one loss, or two loss brackets).

3. People who lose once get taken out of “winners bracket” and therefore they are no longer in contention for the biggest prize:

a. 1st place/no loss money = 65% of pot. They would then move down to the “one loss bracket” and compete for the second place money
b. 2nd place/”one loss bracket” = 20% of the pot. If they lose a second time they then move down to a “two loss bracket”
c. 3rd place for 10% of the pot.
d. 4th place - Playoff pool for 5% of the pot (everyone is entered)

4. Lose a 3rd time and you are out of the money on the regular pool but all players will still be playing in our new playoff pool which starts the first week of the playoffs and has the remaining 5% of the overall pot ready to be claimed! (see rules at the bottom)

5. Forgetting to pick, not verifying your pick has registered on the website, or accidentally picking the wrong team are counted as a loss for the week. So if you can’t get to the website give your information to someone else and have them enter your pick for you. Always double check your selection before leaving the website!

6. Website is run through - Players enter their pick each week via the website. Picks must be in on minute before the game you want starts (no more Saturday at midnight deadline!)

7. Weekly results (standings) of the pool can be accessed through the website as well as next weeks games, point spreads, stats and the league rules. I also send out a recap each week via email.

8. I play in the pool just like everyone else does. I’m not the administrator of the pool and can’t see the picks coming in from other players. Everyone will see my pick or picks just like all the other players in the game. All picks are hidden by the site and are revealed just after each game starts.

9. The 1st place winner is revealed when:

o Only one person is left who has not lost a game

o or the last group of players in the “no loss group” all lose together the same week (they would all split the pot and are out of the pool).

o Upon the end of the season (after the super bowl). If more than one person is left in any bracket, the pool money will be split equally between all remaining players in that bracket.

10. To win second and third place money you must:

• Finish the season (after super bowl) with only one loss. Then you would split the one loss pot (20% of the pool pot) or,

• Finish the season (after the super bowl) with only two losses. Then you would split the two losses pot (10% of the pool pot).

11. If you win one of the brackets (for example first place) you will be eliminated from competing in the remaining brackets (#2 and #3) however you will still be able to compete in the playoff pool where everyone starts again!

12. The entry fee is $205 per entry. $200 goes into the pot and the $5 covers the cost of the website which manages both of our pools. Enter as many times as you wish for $205 each.

13. Entry fees should be mailed regular mail and must reach me before the first game weekend which is Saturday Sept 7, 2013 no exceptions! Your team will not be activated and your pick will not be valid!

14. Once you mail your check go to to register for “Al Kenney’s NFL Football Pool 2013/14”.

15. The website will ask for a league ID which is “2291” and the league password to enter the pool which is the word “showmethemoney”

16. You will need to enter your real full name, plus a pool name, and your e-mail address. Please enter your real name in addition to your pool name because I need to match up your name to the name on your check so I can count you as paid.

17. Once the season starts it is your responsibility to go to the site and enter your picks each week.

18. Picks can be entered into the site up until 1 minute before game time so if you miss the 1pm game you can still pick the 4pm, the evening 8pm game or the Monday eve game.

The NFC/AFC championship week and Super Bowl Week is different!!!! – We use a point spread for the last week of the playoffs and the super bowl. This evens up these games and keeps the pressure on for the super bowl.

The point spread will be used for these last two weeks only! Point spreads will not be used for any other week of the season!

We will also be including our playoff pool as part of our overall program and your original $205 entry fee! In this pool everyone gets a fresh start in the playoffs the rules are different because we need to get to a winner faster:

Here are the final playoff pool rules: Please read them carefully!

o You will be given one entry into this pool for every entry you have for our core pool. No outside entries will be accepted.

o 5% of our total pool will be put aside as the pot for this pool

o The pool starts the first weekend of the NFL playoffs (wildcard weekend)

o This time we will use point spreads and pick every game during the playoffs including the super bowl

o Everyone will pick every game, every week of the playoffs, no one will be eliminated as everyone will have an overall score and will be able to come back if you get behind early!

o You will receive 1 point for every correct game picked, no points for ties (based on point spread), and no points for not entering your pick.

o The winner will be the player who has the highest # of wins in all the playoff games

o TIEBREAKER: If we have a tie on the # of wins, the tiebreaker will be determined by the player or players who get closest to guessing the total number super bowl points scored. Everyone will be asked to guess the total # of points scored in the super bowl (doesn’t matter if you go over or under). Whoever is closest will win the tiebreaker

o Entry fee for this new playoff pool is included in the regular pool entry fee.

Send your entry checks by mail to:

Al Kenney
3 Leach Hollow Rd.
Sherman, CT 06784

My e-mail address is the same

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Post#2 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:06 pm

Bump....pot was $70K last year and they are trying to get it over $100K this year. $205, checks need to be in his hand by the day before the first game.

If you think it's too pricey, split the cost with someone. It's fun talking matchups before making your pick each week. That's what Chad and I did the last two years. This year we're each doing a team so we can hedge our picks.

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Post#3 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:11 pm

When Rich and i win dont cry when we win 40g a piece. Kktyb
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Post#4 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:52 am

Yep, last call. You still have time if you want in. He just needs checks to be postmarked by next Friday. Register on the site ASAP. Then send your check.

Everyone just got paid. If you feel it's too much, split a team with someone else. $100 ain't bad at all.

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Post#5 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:00 am

Last chance. There is $93,000 in the pool this year and they are making a final push to get to $100,000. If you still want to play, he's willing to take PayPal payments in order to meet this goal.

Sign up, join league ID 2589 and use password showmethemoney. If your check is postmarked by today or you can PayPal up until Sunday. Select gift or from family so he doesn't get taxed.

Entry is $205. His email address is in the original post. You can still pick any game except for last night obviously.


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