Andred update my experience

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Andred update my experience

Post#1 » Mon Jul 15, 2002 7:37 am

So far griefing is cut down to only a few. I have been griefed but the outcome is funny. Group of 8 run by as I am exp morra's (at lvl 10 no doubt). One stops which happens to be a eldritch, con purple, cast on me once...I die. Groups disbands him, kills him, rezzes me, invites me to group...w00t! Thats how it has been lately. Have been asked into several groups thus far. With my abilities, I can easily solo till around 20. Every kill I get so far has given me .5 bubs which is long as nothing is resisted. Killed purple con thergist, got 4 realm points and 40,000 exp points (good shit!) Hunting is more relaxed in Albion than anywhere else but more loot to be had in Middie. And yes it is true, people are really in awe to the power you posess. When you can take a yellow out in 2 gotta love it.

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