A note to some of the undecided

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A note to some of the undecided

Post#1 » Sat Jul 06, 2002 3:24 pm

If you're not sure of what class to go with for the pvp server, you can let your play time help decide. There are certain classes that can get into groups even tho they are lower lvls, because what they do (regen power/END/heal/damage add/run speed songs, healing) where others you really have to be at the top of your group if you're gonna be any use (and get into groups).
Tank classes will have to be right at the top of lvls, if you cant take the blows or land them, you arent any good. If you arent going to spend a lot of time and keep ahead of the server's lvl curve, I would highly suggest against going tank.
Mages/nukers/CC classes usually need to be at or just below the lvl curve to get groups, if your nukes/roots/mezz/stuns are getting resisted, then you're useless.
Healers/Bards can get away with getting into groups much higher than them because their services are in such need. This is the way to go if you're not gonna have much time, or if you want to get the most exp/hr. Heals never get resisted, and regen songs help everyone no matter what lvl.

Obviously there are classes that take some from each of these groups, so pick and choose how you like.

Healer type of classes are going to be hard as hell to find on this server. We thought it was tough to find healers on Igraine, it will be even worse on this server. Of course with most of the combat being like RvR, which no one heals anyway, they arent as important, but for simple exping, we still will need them. There are some classes that do have some secondary healing and can be good at other things. Bards, Wardens, Clerics, Shamans are all good classes for pvp purposes, but can also give things like buffs, heals, BT chant which can really make them appealing for groups.

Anyway, the main point is, dont take a pure melee class if you're gonna only spend a couple hours playing him/her a week, after 2 weeks, you're gonna be a lvl 10 tank trying to get into groups that want lvl 20+. Just figured I'd post about it just in case some are still unsure.....the time is nearing, I believe the new servers go up this wed. Be ready.

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