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Post#1 » Thu Jul 04, 2002 5:32 pm

I would like/suggest that you at least give the pvp server a try. If nothing more than because our server (igraine) has been damn empty since mordred went up. Since the day mordred went up and its getting worse by the day, its impossible for me to find groups to coin hunt in DF, or to round up the people to do anyting effective in rvr. Albs have owned Bled for 3 days now because we dont have the numbers on to take it back. Doing /who midgard lately has come up with maybe 200 people, even at peak times of night. Eventually many will come back, but for now, why not jump on andred or the test pvp server and give it a try with all of us. Once we get ourselves into one of the bigger guilds, I know it cant be worse than how you and I get ganked in emain. If anything it should be better, because there wont be as many AE mezzers/nukers and they dont have safe areas to have their back to, like in emain/rvr in general. Maybe even try a non-tank class, seems like the pet classes are doing very well on mordred (enchanters especially). Just a thought, as you may get lonely for a while on Igraine as many of us go to try the pvp servers out, and with a warrior being so group dependent, your rvr experience is going to be further gimped until igraine/middies population comes back up.

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