Klipsch 5.1's - - aww yeah.....

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Klipsch 5.1's - - aww yeah.....

Post#1 » Thu Dec 26, 2002 10:03 pm

I believe I am now the ultimate in speakers boy.... :lol:

woman got me the 4.1's for Christmas, but we took em back and traded up for the 5.1's ($399)... (this was at Circuit City). Then after we left CC with the new 5.1's, we went to Best Buy to exchange/return some stuff and saw a set of 5.1's on the 'open item' table for $319, they were marked as inspected, not missing anything or damaged, and guaranteed like new, so we picked those up and are returning the others to CC tomorrow. Nice little deal I might say... 8)

boom da boom BOOOOOOOOOMMM!

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