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Post#1 » Thu Oct 24, 2002 5:51 am

Well after taking a little thought about it, this is what I propose for crafting especially after Tuesday.
1. We have 2 very gifted crafters (Tourni and Lank-Beige), and we all know how much time and money it takes for them to craft us quality armor and weapons. I will (Col and Bo) forfiet all seal obtained and put into a pot at which time anyone who is a master crafter may take from said pot.
2. At least one night (slow night), some or anyone available in guide, should get into a diamond group within DF, if open to use, for purpose of beating the shit out of Princess, Legion, and whoever else wants some of this, and farm said seals.
3. Any spare coinage would be greatly appreciated as Spellcrafting and Alchemy will come into play after Tuesday and therefore takes it toll on My, Blue and Badgess.
4. Any masterpiece crafted item will be given to requester at no extra cost. (You just got focking lucky...enjoy :D )
5. Better grouping with guildess lower lvl. Tourniquet was nice enough to take me and Liquid out last night. I got 2 bubbles so I am 1 away from 45.5. I greatly appreciate it but lets try and do that more...your already lvl 50 and have nothing else to do.
6. We have been really good with /as. Lets keep up the good work.
7. I promise to not play anymore alts till Bo and Col are of higher lvl (45+)
8. Keep our realm rank on the rise. We have attracted a lot of new peeps.
9. Not only help our guild or alliance , but others not in our alliance as well. When we were up and coming, Blueface was the first to tell us how much potential we had, and we built on that. Lets return that favor even though Blue is a sissie now :P .
10. I am going to get another account going for bots only. These will be for guild use only and only generals and group leaders will have access to them
Thats all for now. If anyone else has some ideas, please feel free to post.

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