meeting tonight

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meeting tonight

Post#1 » Wed Oct 16, 2002 11:29 pm

We had an alliance meeting tonight btw, the main point of discussion-

spam on achat.
They are leaving it up to the guilds to keep their people in line.
Main point, dont use achat for jokes, conversations between you and someone else, giving someone directions, or any other piece of conversation that doesnt NEED to be said to every member of every guild in our alliance. If you're LFG, ask in achat, thats fine, people are to reply to you in /tell, that means if you see someone asking for a group, and you're gonna pick them up, reply in /tell, not on achat. If someone is spamming achat, /tell them to stop, dont do it over achat.
If they dont like it/stop, send a message to their GM, if you dont know who their GM is, send a message to me.
If you are reporting RvR related issues, do it on one line
"5 hibs near uppgate"
"2fg albs going through OG towards bled"
but not
"bunch of hibs"
or even this-
"at uppland gate"
do it on one line and you're fine.
I'm gonna expecting others in our alliance to be good about this, and I'm gonna be on ML's ass to make sure we're holding up our end of the agreement.

The other main issue is we're planning an event soon, Ami is making it sound like its gonna be his last, so stay tuned and I'll post about it.

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