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Post#1 » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:45 pm


This is the spiritual successor to Firefall. I loved Firefall, but none of the crew here gave it a try (that I know of). So I lost interest in it and I think ESO came out a while after and a bunch of us jumped into that.

I bring this up because Red5 Studios, the company that made Firefall, kind of screwed the game up in the end, and all the devs left because of the direction they went. The lead before that company fallout was the guy that is now making Em8er (Mark Kern). He is actually giving people who bought Firefall credit(up to 100$ I think) towards this new game's crowd funding to try to make up for the fact that Red5 Studios screwed the player base of that game after many years of people being really happy with what the game was doing. You have to know your account name to get credit.

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