Building New Gaming Rig

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Building New Gaming Rig

Post#1 » Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:39 pm

Is LGA 1150 interchangable with LGA 1155, 1156?

I'm looking at this CPU: ... 6819116899

This motherboard/video card combo: ... bo.1606970

This CPU cooler: ... 6835608020

The mobo, cpu, and cpu cooler all seem to have slightly different LGA numbers, but I see people recommending their use together, so not positive they are compatible based on the numbers varying.

Still figuring out the power supply to use. I plan to use a case and dvdr that I already have, but I'm guessing my power supply isn't going to handle the power demands of both the video card and the cpu for this build.

The goal is to have a machine that can run TESO on ultra high settings and still have it remain 60+ FPS with massive PvP battles.

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Post#2 » Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:42 pm

I think the CPU and mono need to have the same socket number, but the coolers are generally a little more universal and can be used on a few different types.

I actually have a 4770k I'm not going to be using, and a pretty nice psu as well if you're interested.

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Post#3 » Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:01 pm

CPU cooler I recommend - ... 6835181032

Been using it for 2 years now and it's awesome. I'm running OC and never remotely close to having heat issues.

LGA 1150 (4th Gen) and LGA 1155 (3rd Gen) are 2 different sockets. You'll need CPU/MB to match.

If you use and put in all your components it'll tell you what size PSU is needed. As for brand I switched to Corsair PSU's about 5 years ago and have never looked back. They are high quality.
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