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Free to play

Been out in Beta for a long ass time

Fun to play. You fockers were all about Quake and shit so this should be up your alley...

Here is a write up I did for a friend of mine:

So I have a game suggestion for you. Assuming you have Steam, you can download an play Warframe for free. It's a first person shooter with bells on. You play a space ninja, aka a "Tenno". There are several of them to choose from, when you start you can pick one from three. There is Excalibur, he has a charge attack, the ability to leap real high and the ability to blind those around him. There is Loki, he can go invisible, summon a hologram of himself to distract his opponents, teleport and disarm his opponents forcing them into melee range. Finally, I believe there is Mag, who has magnetic powers, I am not too familiar with her. I recommend either Excalibur or Loki - Lokis is tougher to play at low levels but more fun at high levels. You can level up your Ninja up to 30. As you play you get raw material drops you can use to acquire new ninjas. You also start with a primary weapon, a machine gun, a pistol and a melee weapon. Each of these level up as you use them - they can reach level 30 max.

As you level up your ninja and your weapons you increase the capacity to equip "Mods". Mod change things. I have a life boost mod that increases my life. My rifle has a mod that lets it pierce through thin cover. My melee weapon has a mod that increases the damage it does by 20%. As you play mods drop randomly off of mobs. Their rarity affects how often they drop, from common to uncommon to rare (like rarity affects the cards you get in a MTG booster pack). You can level up mods by combining them together. For example, my melee damage mod is at level 5 and increases my melee weapon's damage by 100%.

Levelling up mods is best by combining the same mods together. Two first level mods of the same mod combine into a second level mod. As they level up they will require more mods to level (2 4 8 16 32). You also get these generic mods called fusion cores, that you can use to level up mods (in other words once you get that rare mod you were looking for, you can level it up without having to get it again).

The way mods work makes the game fun because as you play you never know if you will get a mod and what it will be.

You can buy platinum with cash which lets you buy Warframes, Weapons and Other Stuff outright rather than save up resource to build them. I spent $50 and got 1000 platinum. Loki costs 75 platinum, some other warframes cost 250. There are bundles with stuff you can get. I wanted the Nekros warframe so I bought a bundle that came with him and one of each weapon. I liked the idea of Nekros cause he has an ability that forces the corpses around him to drop loot again. But all the warframes and weapons in the game can be gotten without spending money.

Boss fights drop Warframe component blueprints. Each Warframe requires three components which you have to build using the blueprint drops and other resources you gather as you play. Once you have built all three components, you can buy a blueprint for the Warframe and build it without buying it! There are blueprints for weapons as well. You basically can play the whole game and get everything in the game without ever spending any money. But, there are a couple small expenditures that can make a huge difference in the gameplay. You could play this game without ever spending cash. I would say at minimum you would want to spend 20 plat on each Warframe and Weapon

You can play online or solo. I usually play solo but if I hit a mission I cannot complete I change to online to get help. When you die you have the option to revive or forfeit. If you forfeit you lose all the loot you gained during the run (may lose the xp as well - not sure). If you revive you continue where you left off. You are limited to 4 revives and there is some amount of time that needs to pass before you can get them back.

If you are interested in playing this, don't hesitate to call me for advice. If you are in Steam, friend me, my handle is Carnizore, and we can chat. I am always on Steam so you can chat me whenever no matter what game you are playing.

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